Best Family Photographer in Lagos

If you are looking for the best family photographer or studio in Lagos you are in the right place. I love documenting intimate family moments. As you can see from my portfolio, a lot of memories captured are very candid in nature and have a lot of emotion. You need:

-Premium images, of your family

-A great experience

-A professional that you can easily connect with

-Quick response rate

 I understand your struggles, and that’s why my process is shockingly simple! After coming here we can almost guarantee you won’t be looking for that Lagos based family photographer anymore. You need not worry about your family photographer taking weeks and weeks to deliver your precious images.

Maybe you are looking for that timeless print to warm up your home, the one that all your friends and extended family adore for many years to come, like my unique black and white family portraits.

Pre-Shoot Consultation

All intending clients are entitled to a complimentary pre photoshoot consultation before making a booking so I can answer all your questions, and discuss expectations for your photoshoot.

stunning family portrait photography in Lagos Nigeria


All photoshoots take place in the comfort of your home or at my studio. I literally set up a mini studio in your living room and we shoot away. We are also open to shooting at alternative locations depending on what you want done.

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Alternatively you can give me a call on 0703-517-3343

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