About Rani Tahouf

I have a mission to capture your meaningful moments and print them out on the finest mediums. Artistically captured moments that will beautify your home for many years to come; and prints that you will pass down to your children. 

With over 7 years of experience in creating memories, Rani Tahouf is a Lagos based family & portrait photographer worth taking note of. I have built a signature style of portraiture over the years that most pf my clients describe as timeless.

The goal is to gift you and everyone that comes to my studio heart-warming images that will outlive all of us. If that is not important I do not know what is. Think about it, how often do you take a picture that you love so much you want it printed out?

If you would like to get in touch with me you can contact me right here, I’ll be looking forward to your message.

Image by Ima Mfon

Experience what it feels like to be photographed with the people that matter most to you. Experience a family portrait session like no other, where photography has the power to bring everyone closer together. Imagine what it feels like to look back at your images 10-30 years from now, imagine the joy that would bring to you.

Experience what it feels like to be transformed for an entire day. I can literally change the way you see yourself!

You are one of a kind, you are beautiful and I want to celebrate you with my pictures.